Hybrid Mail Solutions from Condor

 With recent events having far reaching repercussions on normal working lives and business, Home Working is now the new norm. Enabling simple but effective communication is key.  

Introducing Hybrid Mail

Do you have multiple business locations or generate large volumes of outbound documents every day?

Imagine sending out a mailing of 100 letters, you need paper, a printer, toner cartridges, envelopes and stamps. You’ve had to buy all of these things, then enclose all of those letters and run to the post office, just in time for the last collection. Do you ever wonder how much that would have cost you in money and even more importantly – your time?

The Solution – Hybrid Mail

From as little as 50p* per posted letter, Hybrid Mail is a simple mail delivery service revolutionising the way businesses send letters and communications.

From the click of a button you can send your printed communications from desktop to doormat saving you time and money on print, fulfilment and franking.

With the flexibility of formats, your letters and postcards created in-house are securely uploaded to an online portal for production.

*A4 black and white single sided letter in a C5 envelope and posted 2nd class.

Benefits of Hybrid Mail


Print what you need, when you need it, with no minimum order quantity

Perfect for
Remote Working

Manage your mailings the comfort of your own home or shared office space

Reduce Costs
by up to 50%

Save money on franking, stationery and printing.
Based on Royal Mail research


Mail Documents
the Same Day

Upload by 4pm, we’ll print, enclose and despatch your documents that day

and Secure

Ensures total security and confidentiality through our closed system


Gives staff more time to concentrate on core business activities


Online portal and systems that integrate easily with your business systems

Improve Brand

Create document templates and give uniformity to your communications

Hybrid Mail Savings Calculator

Calculate your existing mailing and fulfilment costs and the savings you could make by using Hybrid Mail.

Opens on DMC Group website

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